6 Feet Deep, is where you sleep
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Welcome to my "UnerWorld"

Here is where you rest at, roc mics, drugs, dirt, music. To know what the Underground is!

By the time you leave this site, you will know what the underground is all about. Here is where Music is music, underground artist, are not just underground artist. But there truly dirty, raw, sick, grimmy. Alot of underground artists been here
for a long time, Your probably thinking, why i never heard of them? I will tell you why, you are to brain washed, with the Upper World. And not really learning about the music, you listen too!
6 feet deep underground release's
This is major album release's
The High and Mighty "The Highlight Zone" 10/07/03
Necro "Brutality Part 1" 09/16/03
Jakki Da Motamouth "God vs. Satan" unknown date
The Weathermen "The New Left" unknown date
Jedi Mind Tricks "Visions of Ghandi" 08/22/03
Defari "Odds & Evens" Out Now
All albums are sold every music store, so pick some up
NECRO knows all about 6 feet deep, he's been here
since the early 90's. He's been in battles on local radio stations winning battles left & right. He owns
his own record company, he's a director, producer.
So he knows, what it takes to be in 6 feet deep.

We do have some music Videos/Battles/ETC
We here at 6 feet deep, is working on the Videos & Battles on this page. We should have them up soon...

Getting Rich From My Site!
Just joking, the only thing you will get from my site is a grave. Bitches!!!

MF DOOM, is another artist, a sick artist
Send an email, to me

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